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The Funkeyz™ course is interactive, which means that you are not watching dull movies during the course. In contrary, you have to apply the new shortcuts directly in the course! In case you have forgotten something, the application will assist you. By doing this you will directly learn how to work with shortcuts.

Due to the many “oohh how handy” and “No you're kidding me” moments, the enthousiasm to start working with shortcuts creates itself! Did you already do the Demo ?


The most common and practical shortcuts are printed on our FunkeyzBar® (see example). Always a quick reference of the most important shortcuts within reach, and it's a real eye-catcher on your desk!



A good follow-up after a course is often “forgotten”. In our training however, this is one of the most important parts! After completing the course, you will receive important tips and repetitions every two weeks via e-mail! This will keep you “triggered”.

Customized Funkeyz™ webpage

The implementation of shortcuts in your organization is easy to perform. To do this we create a special company website that can only be viewed by your own staff. By doing this, everybody in your organization is enabled to register for the course quick and easy.